Commodor 64


The commodore 64 is considered one of the first real commercial pc’s which was brought to everyone’s home. This grey’ish computer is an interesting piece of hardware which I still have at home. I learned a lot by just trying out, and this made my life really better. Now I work on a large line of computers with all different operating systems at is important to be on top of things. Linux is still considered number one by many programmers like me, and I also only use Linux in private life. Backstory of this magnificent Commodore. The Commodore 64, also […]

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The line up


I was living relatively cheap in some shady area where my first studio got robbed. I had no coverage at all, meaning that I lost three quite expensive machines, especially for that era. This was by far the best experience I ever had because it was a wake up call and I stopped being naïve. Which helped me a lot in my personal and business life. Now, even as an expat I have a good and cheap international health insurance to cover what ever is necessary. It’s a medical and health insurance together and I took a separate one for my computers. Which are now a line up of 5 pieces all together.

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Game console


Games consoles have a life of their own. They used to make up for almost 100% of the market but now are brought back to smaller but still a large share. Interesting is the development of the whole game console. For many the founder is still Atari and the founder for the second generation Nintendo. At the moment the two biggest players are Xbox and Playstation and Nintendo unfortunately is going towards the same path as Sega. The Atari is an interesting piece of art which killed itself by delvering too fast and too cheap. And then I mean mainly […]

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The big player


The battle was always between Nintendo and Sega, while they were fighting each other you could see a whole new market being opened up for the more adult players which was taken by Sony Playstation one. Nintendo was the biggest player and defeated Sega quite easily, mainly because of their strong marketing and very strong characters. Mario beat Sonic in many forms and even had his own large blockbuster movie Super Mario Bros (which flopped unfortunately). These days Nintendo is under a lot of stress. They are trying to reinvent themselves over and over again but unfortunately the money is […]

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