Game console


Games consoles have a life of their own. They used to make up for almost 100% of the market but now are brought back to smaller but still a large share. Interesting is the development of the whole game console.

For many the founder is still Atari and the founder for the second generation Nintendo. At the moment the two biggest players are Xbox and Playstation and Nintendo unfortunately is going towards the same path as Sega.

The Atari is an interesting piece of art which killed itself by delvering too fast and too cheap. And then I mean mainly games. The highlight of it’s failure was the ET game launch during Christmas. They put in to so much marketing and POS locations for the game to get it into every house for Christmas that they didn’t pay any attention in finishing the game complete. It was a piece of garbage.

It was so infamous that there’s even a documentary made about solely the game. This alone shows the impact which it had back in the day.